A young 'star' from the mountains of Mexico


In comparison to others on the danish music scene, the nearly 27 year old Danish/Mexican singer, Sulahue Armengol, has seen a different side to life. Sulahue grew up in a little Mexican mountain village and her special name, which means 'star', originates from a tribe of Indians called the Huichol. She wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth and lived in a home where everyone had to help each other to make room for one another's dreams.


As a six year old, with a smile on her face, Sulahue sold sunflower seeds at the local market in their village. At thirteen, she and her family moved to Denmark where the adventure continued. In her late teens, she met the pianist Lars Emil Riis who later became her soulmate, both in life and in music. Together they've written and composed all the tunes on the Album 'Eating Stars And Spitting Fire'


Sulahue Armengol – Vocals, Composition
Lars Emil Riis – Piano, Composition
Alexander Kraglund – Violin, Chromatic Mouthharp, String arrangements
Spencer Gross – Guitars
Søren Lund – Upright bass
Michael Dalgas – Drums, Percussion

The album was released in august 2014
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Eating stars
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